“Do whatever it takes.”

released on September 2004


The 2000GT Speed Trial Team

The spirit of Toyota — to constantly strive for improvement (kaizen) — is deeply rooted in the company’s DNA. One car which embodies this Toyota spirit is the legendary 2000GT.

In 1967, the 2000GT became Japan’s first purpose-built Gran Turismo. Its stunning lines and roaring engine amazed drivers in Japan and around the world. It was a joy to drive on the racetrack or the open road — the ultimate 60s showpiece.

The 2000GT was the result of years of hard work and the tireless efforts of the Toyota and Yamaha engineers involved. Their passion — combined with the enthusiasm of project leader Shoichi Saito — was the driving force behind the project. “Do whatever it takes” to realize the dream were Saito’s simple instructions to his engineers. They did, and the timeless Toyota 2000GT was born.

The very first prototype stole the limelight at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1965; its sleek style and cutting-edge technology making it the car everyone was talking about.

After promising results in the 3rd Japan Grand Prix in 1966 and the Suzuka high speed endurance race, the Toyota 2000GT Speed Trial saw the car set three official world records. Each test and trial the 2000GT completed spurred on the engineering team, providing opportunities for kaizen. The car actually set an incredible total of 16 world and international records* during its short lifespan.

It finished second in the 1968 SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) championship in the United States, putting in strong performances against cars such as the Porsche 911s. The race was widely recognized as marking Toyota’s real arrival on the world motor sports scene and the culmination of Toyota’s determined efforts in motorsports around the world until that point.

The accomplishments, performance, style and distinctive qualities of the 2000GT enjoyed such wide global media coverage that it was featured in the 1967 classic movie, You Only Live Twice, starring that ultimate thrill seeker, James Bond.

A fitting tribute to a truly incredible car.

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    The stunning 2000GT is presented to the world at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show.

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    Shoichi Saito waves the checkered flag at the 1966 speed Trial.

* Three overall world records and 13 international records (records in the 2000cc class).

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