“The Dream Lives On” – Shoichiro Toyoda, 1952 –

released on March 2005


Kiichiro Toyoda,
Founder of Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota’s energy and drive comes — and always has come — from its determination to meet its goals and strive for its dreams.

“My father’s dream, and my grandfather’s dream before that, has grown so big that it lives on even after their deaths,” said Shoichiro Toyoda in 1952. His grandfather, Sakichi, had realized this dream to build and produce an automatic loom, while his father, Kiichiro, had made the first production passenger car in Japan a reality.

“It is our mission to strive for new developments of this dream,” continued Shoichiro. Toyota is now a global company, enjoying unprecedented growth around the world.

Kiichiro Toyoda never stopped thinking of new ideas right up until his very last days, and his thoughts went even beyond the automobile.

Facing the post-war devastation in Japan, he hoped to build earthquake and fire resistant housing. Determined to make another of his father’s dreams a reality, Shoichiro ensured that the Toyota Housing business also continued to grow after his death. Now the Toyota Housing Corporation offers 13 types of high technology homes.

  • page06_photo2_tcm322-208104

    An early example of Toyota’s pre-cast concrete housing (1950)

  • page06_photo3_tcm322-208261

    Luxury houses on offer today in Japan from Toyota Housing Corporation

Another dream of Kiichiro’s was a helicopter that would be available to all — one which can provide personal freedom of mobility for people across the world. Although the idea of private air travel may be still some way off, the idea of freedom of mobility for all is a dream that lives on in Toyota today.

Toyota’s dreams of today stem from the original vision to “contribute to society through making things.” After half a century, we are facing various changes in our social environment, and Toyota’s modern day vision can be found through the likes of the Toyota Partner Robots and the i-unit at EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN, which show Toyota is striving to be Kind to the Earth, Provide Comfort for Life, Excite the World and Respect All People.

Kiichiro Toyoda’s helicopter blueprint

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