The Land Cruiser currently has the longest running history in the Toyota lineup. With origins from the Toyota Jeep BJ which was created in 1951, the name “Land Cruiser” has since been used from the release of the 20-series in 1955.

With the three series of heavy-duty / wagon / light-duty types being produced simultaneously, the current 2002 120 (Light-duty Prado)-series model marks the tenth edition of the Land Cruiser with tremendous progress that continues on till now with the aim of always being at the top of the world. Here we will introduce you to the successful over 50-year history of the Land Cruiser.

With initial use for the military and police agencies, learn how Toyota’s great 4×4 utility vehicle came to be.
From 1951’s BJ to the latest 120 series, find out how the Land Cruiser has evolved over the years.
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In the city or in nature, see images of the Land Cruiser in every corner of the world.