The Challenge to Win the 24 Hours of Le Mans Is Giving Impetus to the Power of Hybrid Vehicles



Our ambition is to prove our hybrid technology on the racetrack, helping us develop ever-better road cars for the future, bringing our tried and tested technology to consumers in the shortest possible time.

Yoshiaki Kinoshita, TOYOTA Racing Team President

Taking up the challenge of the Le Mans Race with hybrid power is significant in terms of the feedback of innovative hybrid technology to road cars. Hybrid vehicles are currently in the process of evolving. Massive deceleration energy during braking is very rapidly regenerated and used to power the car. The pursuit of better acceleration in racing makes possible both ecological driving and dynamic, exciting driving for road cars. This is what we believe. Many of our road car engineers have also joined the development team in our Le Mans participation project, and we have given the project everything we have.
All Toyota’s hybrid expertise has been marshaled to attain our cherished wish to win at Le Mans. We want to make the exciting HV (Hybrid Vehicle) technology we have created available to all our customers as quickly as possible.


We’ve been working on achieving impressive acceleration power which will stand the test of endurance racing until the chequered flag.

Hisatake Murata, TOYOTA Racing Hybrid Project Leader

The development of the machine was a continuous process of overcoming challenges and yet more challenges. We worked to downsize and lighten the hybrid system while retaining its full potential. The power train, including the engine, was reduced in weight to 100 kg, one sixth of the original weight. We also completed grueling driving tests extending over 20,000 km. We have attained the ultimate heights of perfection in terms of total harmony of the engine, the motor and the brakes, so that they all work together in concert. We have overcome all the barriers that initially appeared impossible to surmount and we have created a car that will fight for victory at Le Mans. We feel pride in this achievement. This time our eyes are fixed only on the winner place on the podium.
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  • THE TECH OFTOYOTA Hybrid System-Racing

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1.Motor/Generator  2.Unit Engine Capacitor  3.Inverter

The Technology Powering the Hybrid Racing Car An Instant Increase up to 300 hp – Power Generated During Braking Is Converted to Acceleration Energy

Massive deceleration energy generated by rapid braking in a Le Mans racing car traveling at over 300kph is recovered by the regeneration system as kinetic energy and used by the motor to boost acceleration power. This is the TOYOTA HYBRID System – Racing. The entire deceleration energy is stored in 3 seconds. As the car comes out of a corner, this stored electrical energy is all released in just 3 seconds. To the 530 hp engine power is added the 300 hp electric motor power to give unrivaled acceleration.

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    Recovery – the Power Generated During Braking Is Converted to Energy

    The deceleration energy generated during braking is converted to electricity by a generator and stored in a capacitor system.

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    Drive Power – Stored Energy Is Released to Give Rapid Acceleration

    In situations where massive acceleration is needed, all the energy stored in the capacitor system is used to drive the motor and power the rear wheels. In combination with the engine, massive power in excess of 800 hp instantly accelerates the vehicle.

TS030 HYBRID Technical Information

Le Mans Prototype (LMP1)
Carbon fibre composite
Transversal with six gears, sequential
Gearbox casing
Constant velocity tripod plunge-joint driveshafts
Viscous mechanical locking differential
Independent front and rear double wishbone, pushrod-system
Torsion bars
Anti roll bars
Front and rear
Hydraulically assisted
Dual circuit hydraulic braking system, mono-block light-alloy brake calipers front and rear
Ventilated front and rear in carbon
Magnesium forged wheels
Front rims
14.5 x 18 inch
Rear rims
14.5 x 18 inch
Michelin radial
Front tyres
Rear tyres
Seat belts
2000 mm
1030 mm
Fuel capacity
73 litres
TOYOTA HYBRID System – Racing (THS-R)
90° V8 normally aspirated
3.4 l
Air restrictors
1 x 43.3mm
Rear Hybrid Motor