environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Toyota’s Strategy for Environmental Technologies
Toyota’s plans to increase fuel-efficiency in current vehicles and pursue options with alternative energy sources.
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Hybrid Vehicle
First to market and most driven in the world, Toyota Hybrids are already synonymous with fun and fuel-efficiency.
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Electric Vehicle
Compact and spacious, Toyota’s electric cars are a great eco-conscious vehicle for day-to-day driving around town
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle
Mixing the proven engineering of current Hybrids with home recharging, the next step for eco-cars is the Plug-in Hybrid.
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Fuel Cell Vehicle
Using hydrogen for energy, Toyota’s original fuel cell hybrid is better for the Earth and the next stage in vehicle evolution.
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Technology File
From specifications to in-depth technical descriptions, gain insight into the past, present and future of Toyota’s eco-technology.
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Next-Generation Secondary Batteries
Progress Toyota has made in finding better alternatives to lithium-ion batteries as a power source for electric vehicles.