Electric Vehicle Toyota FT-EV II

The Toyota FT-EV II is representative of clean mobility running on 100% electricity

Developed for short distances, this small electric vehicle (EV) features an innovative packaging design that gives it a compact body and a spacious interior.

Small Size EV

Two FT-EV II vehicles can fit in one regular parking space

Designed for people living in urban areas, the FT-EV II is a small-size EV convenient for driving on busy city streets.

Since EVs do not require an engine, a new packaging design is possible. With a total body length of 2.7 meters (just under 9 feet), the compact design features a small motor in front and the battery under the floor. The cabin interior is remarkably spacious for the vehicle’s dimensions and can carry four adult passengers.

Future of EVs

In the future, optimally combining diverse energy sources and powertrains, as well as factoring in different combinations of driving needs, will be essential for preserving our environment and intelligently using our limited resources. Among these options, Toyota believes that EVs are ideal for mobility in the short distances of urban areas. Toyota is continuing to research and develop related technologies for better performing batteries, with the ultimate goal of improving the vehicles’ quality for future commercialization.