Building a Low-Carbon Transportation System
(Toyota City Demonstration Tests)

Toward a low-carbon municipal transportation system
that is smooth and efficient

To realize a both of low-carbon society and smooth transportation system at the same time while urbanization is progressing in every part of the world, there is a greater need for urban transportation systems and measures in which vehicle is incorporated as a component.

In the Toyota City Demonstration Tests, which is conducted aiming to create a low-carbon community from local citizen’s viewpoint, Toyota has introduced next generation vehicles such as PHVs, EVs, and FCVs, installed charging facilities powered by solar panels and experimented personal mobility working with the city.

In addition, we are working not only to reduce carbon emissions from the means of transportations, also to solve the traffic congestion utilizing ITS, to promote eco-friendly driving. We aim to build a transportation system that guides optimal travelling method.

Moreover, we are challenging to ease congestion and make low-carbon community through TDM* in employees’ commute, such as promoting use of mass transit and staggered commuting, and preparing commuter shuttles busses.

* TDM: Transportation Demand Management

Picture of entire low-carbon transportation system


Smart Communities Create a Low-carbon Society
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