Partner Robot Family

Partner Robot, as its name suggests, is a robot that assists people with a combination of caring and intelligence.

Toyota has been working to develop commercially viable “partner robot” by building on its expertise in the field of industrial robotics and applying cutting-edge technology from areas such as the automotive industry and IT. Remaining loyal to the philosophy of Sakichi Toyoda and Kiichiro Toyoda, which is to “contribute to the world and to people by enriching society through manufacturing”.

Personal Assist Robot

Possessing human characteristics, the Personal Assist Robot is one of Toyota’s Partner Robot. They are agile, warm, kind and also intelligent enough to think for themselves, and further skillfully operate a variety of devices in the areas of personal assistance care for the elderly, manufacturing, and mobility.

In the future, we hope the Personal Assist Robot can become trusted partners through assisting in nursing and medical care at hospitals, looking after patients and seniors at care centers, and supporting domestic duties.

Human Support Robot(HSR)

The HSR—operable by voice command or by tablet PC—has a highly maneuverable, compact, and lightweight cylindrical body with a folding arm that enables it to pick up objects off the floor, suction up thin objects, retrieve objects from high locations, open curtains, and perform other household tasks.

Walk Assist Robot

The Walk Assist Robot and Care Assist Robot will support caregivers and attendants, ensuring safe, secure and comfortable assistance to those with limited ability due to disease, disability or advanced age. We hope the Partner Robot can become trusted partners, helping to provide an improved quality of life.

Care Assist Robot



Robina is a partner robot that can help provide medical and nursing care or perform housework. It is able to think and move for itself, carry and use objects, and even converse with people.



The Humanoid is a partner robot that assists people. Able to move its whole body and with advanced coordination controls, the Humanoid can walk like a person and even use tools.

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