Winglet is a personal transport assistance robot ridden in a standing position that supports universal human mobility.

It is designed to contribute to the realization of a world in which everyone can enjoy mobility freely and safely. Featuring outstanding usability that everyone can use comfortably, performance that expands the user’s world, and a compact size suited to people’s living environments, Winglet is being developed to meet the mobility needs of the next generation.

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News Release

Aug 1, 2008 Toyota Develops Personal Transport Assistance Robot ‘Winglet’


Winglet makes use of inverted two-wheel control technology and a unique parallel link mechanism, enabling riders to move forward, backward and turn simply by shifting body weight. The safety-conscious design of the low, flat step makes it easy for users to get on and off and universally accessible.

The compact-sized Winglet is ridden in a position close to natural standing and walking postures. Being portable enables it to be taken on cars, buses, or trains, providing seamless mobility. Being powered by a small electric engine means that its mobility doesn’t come at the expense of the environment.


With a common body that can be combined with different steering mechanisms, Winglet can easily be operated by anybody. From the practical and universal “L” type, to the “M” model that combines practicality with active operation, and the sporty ride of the “S” type that allows users to keep both hands free, there is Winglet to suit every lifestyle and life situation.

The sporty, hands-free “S” model is operated simply by shifting body weight. Being lightweight and foldable, it can be taken virtually anywhere. The “M” model combines stability with active operation for superior practicality. And the long handle of the universal “L” model makes it possible for anybody to ride it. With a cruising.
speed of 6 km/h, Winglet can coexist with pedestrians in crowded living en-vironments. Powered by a lithium ion battery, it requires only one hour of charging time for ridden distances of up to 10 km.

It is envisaged that Winglet will be used in a variety of ways, ushering in a whole new style of personal mobility. Ride it from your house to the station. Carry it on the train or bus for your commute to school or work. Get off the train and ride it to the office or school door. Take it with you on business trips or when travelling for pleasure. Or rent one downtown or from the station and make shopping even easier and more enjoyable.

Model S M L
Style Sporty Active Universal
Weight 9.9kg 12.3kg 12.3kg
Charging time 1 hour (full charge) 15 minutes (80% charge)
Cruising range 5km (1 hours) 10km (2 hours) 10km (2 hours)
Turning radius 0m (on-the-spot turning is possible)
MAX speed 6Km/h
Incline capability Max. grade 20° / Max. continuous climb grade 10°
Vertical step capability 2cm (in barrier-free environment with passenger weight of 80kg)

Note: The Winglet and other partner robots are prototypes currently under development. The above information is taken from a 2008 press release.