Safety Technology

Toyota’s Philosophy for a Safe Vehicle

Toyota is aiming to develop vehicles and technology based on the “Integrated Safety Management Concept.”

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Supports the visibility and maneuvering for the driver when parking.
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Active Safety
Toyota’s active safety technology helps avoid dangerous situations and prevent accidents.
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Pre-crash Safety
Predicts a frontal collision before it happens and helps reduce damages.
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Passive Safety
Passive safety technology helps decrease the damage from collisions.
Emergency dispatch service (Help Net) can promptly notify of traffic accidents emergency number automatically.
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Technology File
In-depth technical information including detailed text and images giving you insight into Toyota’s many safety related technologies.
environmental_technology_tcm322-245994Safety Technology History
History of safety technologies related to Active Safety, Pre-Crash Safety and Passive Safety dated back from the 1960s.