What is the Smart Grid envisioned by Toyota?

The Smart Grid will be indispensable for the realization of a future mobility society. Toyota proposes a comfortable, environment-friendly lifestyle through the smart use of natural energy.

In 2012 Toyota will launch sale of next generation Plug-in Hybrid vehicles (PHVs) and electric vehicles (EVs).
Wider use of environment-friendly, next generation vehicles is essential for the realization of a low-carbon society, but on the other hand, proper control of the infrastructure associated with power demand of vehicle recharging is also necessary.

Toyota aims to support the realization of a new power grid, developed from the vehicle user’s perspective, controlling power supply utilizing IT. The reason is that with vehicle recharging being concentrated in certain time periods, peaks on public power demand can occur.

Therefore, Toyota proposes a comfortable, environment-friendly lifestyle through the smart use of natural energy.


Smart grid Toyota envisions


What is the Toyota Smart Center?

Toyota Smart Center is a system developed by Toyota to link homes, vehicles, electric power companies and users to enable integrated control of energy consumption.

The Toyota Smart Center uses Plug-in Hybrid vehicles (PHVs) and electric vehicles (EVs)—both of which are expected to gain greater use—and Home Energy Management System (HEMS) equipped smart houses to control home electricity supply/demand, the electricity supplied by the power company, as well as the electricity generated by the houses, thus making external control possible.

For example, the system collates information transmitted from a household-linked PHV or EV regarding remaining vehicle battery charge, household power consumption information transmitted by the HEMS, weather forecast data and charge-rate information for specific time segments from the power company. Thereby coordinating vehicle recharging and household energy consumption with an aim to minimize CO2 emissions and reduce electricity costs.

Furthermore, with a smart phone, users can remotely monitor and adjust home power usage, control the air conditioning and hot water supply.

Smart House

A smart house is a residence with the capability of efficiently controlling generated solar energy and power consumption making it ideal for vehicle power supply and management.